Week in Review January 7 – January 13, 2003

Posted: January 14, 2013 by Justin M. Strawn in Week in Review
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Beginning Weight: 199.6

New Weight:199.2

Weight gain or loss: -.4 pounds

What went right, what went wrong

A good week. I would have preferred to have lost a whole pound or two, but I started Insanity last week and I have no idea how my body is going to react to it. It’s a ton of cardio, but most of the exercises are plyometric in nature so you are going to build muscle in the process. I don’t know if that is the case here, but time will only tell. Could I have eaten better? Absolutely. There were a few occasions when I ate more than I needed to, and that is always a struggle, but as long as I am going in the right direction, I normally am pretty happy.

Goals for the week

1. Continue to try to improve while doing Insanity. The more familiar I get with the moves, the more effective my workout will be.

2. Try to avoid eating just for the sake of eating. One of my goals in Weight Watchers is to ask myself every single time if what I am about to eat is worth the points. I have to get better about that.

I hope you had a good week as well. If you gained a little bit of weight, that’s okay. Don’t get too discouraged and remember that getting yourself in shape is a marathon, not a sprint. If you lost, great! Think about what you did well this week and try to continue doing those good habits.



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