Jumping Over Your Exercise Hurdles

Posted: January 29, 2013 by Justin M. Strawn in Encouragement
What will be your exercise hurdle?

What will be your exercise hurdle?

You have gotten off to a good start. You started exercising. You are asking yourself are you eating because you are hungry or because you just want to eat. You have made a conscious effort to get your health in order. The one thing that you will discover is that there are times when you come up with excuses about why you shouldn’t exercise. The more you stumble over these hurdles, the more likely that you will abandon your workouts altogether. The best way to overcome these hurdles and obstacles is to confront them before you get started.


Sleep is my biggest hurdle every single day. If I am going to exercise, I know it has to be as soon as I get up. That is a real challenge some mornings. My dilemma is how early I have to get up. I am a teacher and bus driver.on time to do the few things in my classroom that I need to before I start my bus route, I need to be at school no later than 5:45. That means I need to leave my house around 5:00 in the morning. So to get my exercise in, I wake up at 2:40 in the morning. That’s awfully early to get your body going, but it is by far the best time for me to exercise. Lots of people are the same way. If they are going to do it, it’s got to be in the morning. There is a reason lots of gyms open really early in the morning. People need to get their workout in before they go to work. It’s always tempting to hit that snooze button and get a few extra minutes of sleep in, but try to remind yourself everyday about how you are going to feel after it gets finished.


Injuries can make it really difficult to exercise. The other problem with injuries is they can affect you for years after you suffered the injury initially. If you are currently recovering from an injury, you may not be

Injuries can often lead people to not being able to exercise

Injuries can often lead people to not being able to exercise

able to exercise at all, and that can make it difficult to get started back. It can also become an excuse to avoid it after you have healed. The thing to remember is most forms of exercise can be modified to accommodate for whatever injury you have suffered. The key is to go easy at first and see how the injury responds to whatever exercise you are doing at the time. If it does okay for a time period, increase the intensity little by little.

The most important thing to do when doing any exercise that might aggravate an existing injury is to talk to your doctor. They will know best how to work around it, or what exercises could be done in place of any that are bothering you because of your injury.


Time is another factor that often makes it difficult for people to exercise. Many of us lead packed lives that make it difficult to find time to exercise. Whether it’s our kids, work, or any other number of things, there are lots of things that

The only way to find time to exercise is to make the time.

The only way to find time to exercise is to make the time.

require so much of our time. The only real way to get around this is to just set the time out from the beginning of the day. It has to be planned and nothing can interfere with it. This is the only real way to make sure you get past your hurdle of time.


It takes sacrifices, there is no question about that if you want to exercise. Remind yourself what it does for you, how you feel, and the general satisfaction that exercise brings into your life and it will make it much easier to overcome those hurdles.



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