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Posted: February 13, 2013 by Justin M. Strawn in Encouragement, Uncategorized
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Exercise begins with your mind

Exercise begins with your mind

It’s amazing what our brain can do for us. It is constantly working without us even having to think about it. It keeps all of our muscles and body systems working while we are completely oblivious. The human brain is truly a remarkable wonder.

As amazing as it is, it can also keep us down or hold us back from some things. This especially true of exercise. Our mind often tells us when we need to quit a workout before our body is actually ready to quit. Let’s take a look at how our brain helps and hurts us when we exercise.

It’s All in Your Head

The obvious way that the brain hurts our exercise routine is by thinking that we need to stop before we have completed a workout. If you have ever exercised, you have in all likelihood experienced this. Let’s be honest, exercise is hard and strenuous. You spend a lot of time pushing your body to its breaking point. Your mind will be telling you often that it’s time to quit, you’ve endured too much pain. I won’t lie, it’s tough to overcome. The key is to listen to your body, not your head. Your body will only do what it is capable of doing. If you’re doing push ups, your body will do as many as it physically can. When you can’t do any more, you will make it down, but you won’t make it back up. That’s how you find out when you are really done.

Getting your brain to match your body is a difficult task. Make your brain work!

Getting your brain to match your body is a difficult task. Make your brain work!

It can also be a hindrance when you think you can do more than you actually can. Last night, I exercised at night for one of the first times in a long time. It was different. I’m accustomed to being a little groggy when I start my workout because I normally do it early in the morning. Last night I was really wide awake and feeling like I could work myself harder because of it. My body disagreed. I kept going too hard, too quickly at points throughout my workout and was tiring out during some of the moves at the beginning of my workout. I eventually compensated for it and achieved a much more normal pace.

Let Your Conscience be Your Guide

Your brain, though, can be a valuable tool as well. One of the biggest problems most people have when they exercise is remembering to breathe when they are exercising. I know that sounds kind of strange, but it’s true. You can train your brain to breathe at the right time until it gets to the point where you aren’t thinking about it.

It can also help you get on a regular routine with exercise in several ways. For example, when I first started exercising as early as I do, it was tough to get myself up and awake that early in the morning. The more I have done it, the easier it has been to get out of bed and get awake enough to complete my workout.

Get your mind as strong as your body!

Get your mind as strong as your body!

It also will make you start to crave your workout. When you get consistent with exercise, you will start to feel bad if you don’t do it. The desire to do so will get stronger and stronger with each day that you complete your workout. Your mind will trigger those feelings inside you.

Your brain can definitely be a hindrance to your exercise routine. Just like your body, though, it can be trained to be a valuable tool in the process of getting your body in tip-top shape. With repetition and hard work, your brain will get in sync with your body and you will be knocking out all of your fitness goals ion no time.

Have a great day ladies and gentlemen and may all of your fitness dreams come true!


  1. Vinny Grette says:

    I dreamt last night that I stood on the scale and lost 69 pounds! Unfortunately, when I woke up and actually stood on the scales for real, sigh, my mind did not win out 🙂

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