Get Healthy, Not Skinny

Posted: February 20, 2013 by Justin M. Strawn in Encouragement
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Exercising and eating right is about being healthy, not being skinny.

Exercising and eating right is about being healthy, not being skinny.

Our society is obsessed with weight. I wish I could say it was obsessed with health, but that wouldn’t be true. If it were true, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post because that would be a good thing to be obsessed with. Unfortunately, with the way our society projects what we deem to beautiful is often an unrealistic, unachievable, and on too many occasions, unhealthy body weight. So how does one overcome it? There are some things I believe you can do to make sure you don’t cave in to the pressure that society puts on so many people.


Confidence is such a funny thing. It can come from different areas for different people. One person can draw tons of confidence from their family, while another may draw a lot of confidence from athletic competition. I have often talked about how exercise is a great confidence builder for me. Regardless of where it comes from, the one place it doesn’t need to come from is the number that pops up on the scale. It can come from how healthy you feel, but health and weight aren’t always interchangeable. Your weight is only one part of having a healthy body, there are a lot of other factors that determine your health level.

Scale Obsession

It’s good to know your weight. It’s not good to use it as your sole basis for your health. One of the hardest things to do for someone who is trying to lose weight is to transition from looking at the scale to looking at how you feel to determine your health. You also have to use a little bit of common sense. If you eat a whole bunch of fatty foods over the course of time, you know you won’t be as healthy as you should be. If you are eating right, and exercising regularly, don’t just assume that you aren’t getting healthy if the number on the scale isn’t coming down. You could be adding muscle to your body, and it has been well documented that muscle is much heavier than fat. I’ll admit that I struggle with this as well, but I am better than I used to be.

This is not a look to aspire to.

This is not a look to aspire to.

Ignoring Society

There are a lot of good things about society, but the way we portray beauty and we perceive as beauty is detrimental. There is no reason that women who are around 6’0″ tall should weight around 100 pounds. That’s ridiculous. Being thin is something that most people want. That is a healthy goal. Being skinny is typically having too little weight. There are a number of health problems that you can acquire by having too little weight. I’m not going to go into them, but it’s just not a good idea. If you’re not happy with your weight, please ask yourself what about it that makes you unhappy. Don’t try to make your happiness dependent upon what someone else says or thinks. That’s good advice for all areas of your life, not just your weight. There are lots of reasons I can think of to be unsatisfied with your weight (diabetes, knee and back issues to name a few) but because someone tells you that you need to lose some weight that doesn’t have the letters Dr. in front of their name should not be one of them.

Healthy and skinny are not synonyms. It’s great to have goals that put you on the road to living a healthy lifestyle, but starving yourself to reach a certain weight is far from healthy. Don’t get your sense of worth from your weight, fashion or any other place that is ultimately insignificant.

I hope you have a great day ladies and gentlemen, and may all of your fitness dreams come true! (as long as they are healthy goals)



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