Getting Back to the Grind

Posted: March 18, 2013 by Justin M. Strawn in Encouragement
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It’s been a long three weeks since I posted regularly. I came down with a nasty stomach bug at the end of February, the grading period at school came to an end (I teach for a career), and then Spring Break came. All of which led to irregular posts. That comes to an end today.

I plan to get back to my regular fitness updates. I also hope to do about three or four encouragement articles a week. Those are all done when I have the opportunity, but I can normally squeeze in three a week.

So what has happened since you last heard from me regularly? Well, the stomach bug hit me a lot harder than I would have liked. I missed about 5 days of exercise, and when I did start back, I could tell I still wasn’t 100%. Everything was much harder than it had been. There were some of my Insanity workouts that I simply couldn’t complete because my body just couldn’t keep up. As a side effect, when I don’t exercise like I should, I don’t eat as well as I should. Last time I checked in I weighed 190.8 pounds. Today, I came in at 194, so I gained just over three pounds. I don’t like that I gained weight over this time period, but it could have been a lot worse since I wasn’t exercising the way I prefer.

Last week, I started a hybrid exercise routine of P90X and Insanity. Three days a week I do the strength training videos from P90X. The rest of the week is Insanity Phase 2. I saw no reason to go back to Phase 1 of Insanity since it seems to be more about preparing you for Phase 2.

One thing I keep trying to tell myself during this period that I haven’t done as well: there are always going to be bumps in the road. It’s a journey, and you will have minor setbacks. This is one for me. Nothing I can do to change it, but I also don’t have to let it completely derail me either.

I hope you have a great day ladies and gentlemen, and may all of your fitness dreams


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