Fitness Update: 2/21/13

Posted: March 19, 2013 by Justin M. Strawn in Fitness Updates
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Hate it when this happens.

Hate it when this happens.

Exercise: P90X Chest & Back

Calories Burned: 635

Total Calories Burned for the week: 635

Weight Watchers Daily Points Used: 42 of 42

Weekly Points Used:  0 (49 left for the week)

Activity Points Used: 0

Activity Points Remaining: 4

Successes: Nailed my meal plan for the day yesterday! Couldn’t ask for more!

Failures: First time in about three weeks that I can honestly say that I didn’t have any failures. I need to continue this trend through the week.

Outlook for today: My wife has a meeting tonight, so it is just me and the kids tonight. Probably going to try to do something quick and easy, but still healthy. Thinking either Turkey Burgers or Turkey and Cheese Omelet. Just have to see when it gets here what I feel like.

My workout tonight will be was Insanity Max Interval Circuit. I had a hard time getting up this morning, so I didn’t get it in. I need to make sure I do so tonight

My goal for today is to just stay on the path I have laid out. If I do so, I should be fine for the day. Have a great day ladies and gentlemen, and may all of your fitness dreams come true!



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