Fitness Update 4/10/13

Posted: April 10, 2013 by Justin M. Strawn in Fitness Updates
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Exercise: Insanity Max Interval Circuit Calories

Burned: 1082

Total Calories Burned for the week: 1,748

Weight Watchers Daily Points Used: 42 of 42

Weekly Points Used: 10 (29 left for the week)

Activity Points Used: 0

Activity Points Remaining: 17

Successes: I did okay. I took my son to the doctor, thankfully he just has bronchitis and an ear infection. That meant a late supper, so just grabbing something quick was my only option. I got a burger. Not the best option, but there were plenty of other options that would have been a lot worse.

Failures: Just the burger. Pretty much an okay day.

Outlook for today: I have everything planned out for the day, so I just need to stick to it. I also already got my workout in which makes my frame of mind so much better. I hope you have a great day ladies and gentlemen and may all of your fitness dreams come true!



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