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Getting healthy. That is the whole point of my entire blog. It’s not getting skinny. It’s not losing weight. It’s all about getting healthy. Being healthy deals with a lot more than just the number that you see on the scale. To get healthy, you have to start by liking the person you see in the mirror everyday. If you don’t have a positive body image, there are some things you can do to help with that. If you like these tips, you can thank my wife for these tips. She is the one who taught me all of these tricks!

Words of Wisdon

Words of Wisdom

Do Not Pick Yourself Apart Limb By Limb

You just stepped out of the shower. You happen to look in the mirror, and you start looking at everything you hate about your body. Next thing you know, you can’t find one thing you like about your body. The key thing to remember is that your body is not perfect and it never will be. There will always be things that you would prefer to look differently. Understand that, and only focus on those body parts when you are taking active steps to correct them. The rest of the time, focus on what you like about your body. If you continue to swear up and down that there is nothing to like about your body, at least try to find things that aren’t as bad as the other parts. Focusing on the negative all the time will make it seem like you are facing an insurmountable goal. Stay positive. It seems obvious to say that staying positive is essential to having a positive body image, but it can’t be reiterated enough.

Dress Your Body Appropriately

The biggest mistake most people make when they look at themselves in the mirror is they don’t wear clothes that make them look attractive. It is possible, regardless of what size you currently are. You may not think that is possible, but I promise you that it is. It’s all about picking out correct sizes and understanding what is going to look good on your body.

Don’t Wear Clothes That Are Too Big

A common misconception that many have who are trying to dress their body in an attractive manner is to wear clothes that are too big. I did this for years. The logic is that if I wear things that are too big, then people will think I am smaller because my clothes are so big. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. People are going to assume that there is more of your body there. On top of that, add in the fact that you look slouchy and unkempt when you wear clothes that are too big. Nothing about that is attractive

Don’t Wear Clothes That Are Too Tight

This is also true, but for the opposite reason. Clothes that are too big make people assume that there is more person under the clothes. Clothes that are too tight highlight areas that you don’t want highlighted, or they are going to squeeze parts of your body that don’t need to be squeezed. It’s not going to do anything for your self-esteem to see fat get squeezed into a ball because you wore a shirt that was one size too small. If you are trying to lose weight, I know you are probably wanting to get into smaller sizes, but getting into that smaller size too soon isn’t going to do anything to help you reach your goals. That brings me to my next point.

Don’t Be A Slave To Size

Every single clothes manufacturer makes their sizes a little differently. I like to think of sizes as more of a suggestion, not a hard fast rule. For example, I wear a size 32 for most of the pants I wear. There are a few brands where I need a larger size and some where I need a smaller size. Don’t let it get you down if you see that you lose weight and try on some brand new clothes, but your size according to the manufacturer hasn’t changed. It may just be they make their clothes smaller than most. Find something that fits, not a size you want to fit.

If you want to be successful, at some point, you are going to have to like your body. You can’t always hate it. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make changes, especially if your motivation is to get healthier, but if you are ever going to have a positive body image, you have to start thinking positively starting today. Changing that thought process isn’t easy. That’s the reason we have so many health problems related to our weight today. People just don’t like what they see in the mirror.

I hope this helps you to get the positive body image you need. Have a great day ladies and gentlemen, and may all of your fitness dreams come true.



If you are actively trying to lose weight and struggling, are you keeping tabs of everything you eat? And I don’t just mean your meals, I mean every bite of food you put in your mouth. If you aren’t doing this, you may have just discovered the reason keeping weight off is such a difficult task.


Most People Underestimate

If you battle weight problems, you probably don’t realize how many calories in a day you take in every day. I know I wasn’t. I thought I was pretty close to around 2,000 calories a day. After I read about the value of tracking food, I tried to remember everything I ate over the previous three days. What did I find? The three-day average of the calories I took in was 3,100! That is 1,100 calories more than what I thought I was eating. Someone once told me that the average person underestimates how much they eat by 500 – 700 calories a day.

But it’s so hard

Most people think it is hard to track their weight, but most of those same people haven’t researched it very thoroughly. In all likelihood, you have a smartphone. If you do, it has a place for you to download apps. You can find multiple FREE calorie counting apps for almost every smartphone. Many of them have extensive databases to pull from when entering your food. If you want to track, there are plenty of ways to do so.

How I track my food

There is no set way to do so, you just need to find one that is right for you. Like I said in an earlier post, you have to have motivation if you want to get in shape. I discovered that I am not going to track like I should unless I am paying for it, that’s why I use Weight Watchers. I do the online only program, not both online and meetings. I just need an effective way to track my what I eat and activity. Here is what a typical day for me looks like.

2013-01-15 10.23.51

You’ll notice that Weight Watchers doesn’t use calories, they use points. You’re point total is determined by your current weight, and you are assigned a daily point value. Everyone (at least as far as I am aware) gets an additional 49 points to use throughout the week should you exceed your Daily Point Total. If you exceed that, you can use the Activity Points you have accumulated throughout the week through exercise or other activities.

Interestingly, Weight Watcher doesn’t figure calories into your Point Total. When determining how many points something is, they ask you for Fat, Carbohydrates, Fiber, and Protein. It looks like this when you enter it from their iPhone app.

2013-01-15 10.44.51

Once you have calculated the points, you stick them in your tracker and it’s done. If you don’t know the Nutritional Information, they have a fairly large database to search. It includes many restaurants as well. If I can’t find what I am looking for, I use the My Fitness Pal app to get the information I am looking for. It is a different Calorie Tracking app, but it has a larger database off food. I used to use it, but I got bad about tracking things in it simply because if I don’t pay for it, I don’t use it.

If you still can’t find the item, try to find something similar and estimate. It’s better to track SOMETHING and be slightly off than to eat something and not track it at all. It’s better to overestimate than under, but underestimating is better than not estimating at all. Here is a shot of searching for something from Lenny’s Sub Shop.

2013-01-15 10.41.20

The list is a lot longer, but that is all that will fit on the screen. If you are looking for a really good tracking app that is free, you can’t beat this one.

Results will follow


If you are still in doubt, try tracking for a week. If you track everything, even bites, I’d be surprised if you don’t see some results. As a warning, it can be a shock to see just how many calories you eat everyday, but let’s be honest, if we didn’t need to be shocked, we probably wouldn’t need to lose the weight.

I hope this helps. If you have some tips as well, I’d love to hear them. Have a great day ladies and gentlemen, and may all your fitness dreams come true.


Find Your Motivation

Posted: January 11, 2013 by Justin M. Strawn in Encouragement
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I think the one thing almost all who have started exercising, dieting, or just wanted to live a healthier lifestyle can all agree on is that it is really hard to stick with it. This is especially true for those of us who haven’t been doing to our entire lives. I’m proud to say, despite a few valleys and setbacks, that for the past six years I have tried to live a much healthier lifestyle. At one point, I weighed 260 pounds. Today, I’m at 198. That’s not the lowest I have ever been, (I had a little set back around Easter of 2012 that I am still trying to recover from) but I am taking the steps still to keep everything under control. Six years is a pretty long time, and the key to continue doing it is proper motivation.

Why Motivation is important: Obviously, nobody does anything without being motivated to do so. If you are going to get in shape, you have to want to do it. More importantly, you need to have proper motivation. Wanting to look better or making a New Year’s Resolution is okay, but it probably isn’t going to be a strong enough motivation. You need something a little deeper. Motivation is also important because you are going to have to sacrifice something to get healthier. It could be time doing something else, sleep, or some of the foods you love. When you start making sacrifices, you have to really want something to keep making those sacrifices. I started waking up about an hour earlier to get to work. My work day is even earlier now than it used to be. To get the amount of time in that I want to exercise, I have to wake up at 2:40. I leave my house at 5:00 in the morning and usually get home at 5:00 in the afternoon. To do everything else I need to do with kids and all, I normally only get about six hours of sleep.

So what was my motivation? It was the birth of my oldest child, our son Jackson. For some reason, the entire time my wife was pregnant I never felt any real desire or need to get in better shape. As a matter of fact, I did quite the opposite. Call it sympathy weight or whatever you prefer, but I gained anywhere from 20 to 25 pounds while my wife was pregnant. As soon as he was born, something changed. I had always heard that children who have overweight or obese parents are far more likelier to be overweight or obese themselves. It didn’t really hit home until Jackson was born. I knew that I needed to make a change, and I’ve been working at it ever since.

Motivation because of Money: Another reason you need to be motivated is because it is a lot more expensive to eat healthy, live healthy, and stay active. You are going to have to invest in this. Unhealthy, processed food is cheap. Healthy food is a lot more expensive. The one good thing is, if you are going to eat healthy, you will probably be eating less which may help offset some of the higher prices. While it is not completely necessary to invest in the latest, greatest exercise equipment or workout programs to get your body in shape, they do help. They aren’t cheap either. Buying stuff used is always helpful, but you may not always know just how good or bad of shape the used stuff is.

If you look hard enough, you can probably find something to motivate you. It’s not easy. It’s a long process, but the rewards are awesome!